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1. All content in this blog is written by the author vijay shendge and it was not copied from any where. 

2. As all the content from this blog is the owned property of author So nobody are allowed to use the post or the part of post from this blog to use in any form as written, print, audio, etc.

3. If any one want to publish the content of this blog in any form must take the written permission from author. 

4. For written permission pl contact author through mail address    

or the contact form on the left hand side bar of blog page. 

5. Readers who want to use the content of this blog for personal use can use without the any permission of author. 

6. Some pictures from the content of this blog is taken from the internet which is mention where it is needed. 

7. Readers can mail the content of this blog to there friend with the name of author. 

8. Copyright @ vijay shendge the author of this blog. 

9. Translation of the any post or part of post in any language also not allowed in view to post or publish any where in audible or in printed from. 

10. Pl contact us for any quire. 

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