Monday, 28 July 2014

Earn Money from your Blog. - Part 1

Earn online money
Earn Money From Your Blog
Internet is know at our door step. Many of us using it. peoples are very familiar with computer Knowledge. Many peoples even not related with the simple word like Google search, blog, etc. But now a days Google became social life. People interacting with each other on social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp' etc.  All these thing are now on the finger of the children.

Before five years there are very few blogger in the blogging world. But in last five to six years many people start to mark their impression in this filed. Google start to show advertise on blog. They are the first in this advertising concept who star to share the part of income with blogger. 

Some bloggers really made better money from their blog. blogging becomes their fu time job. Some many bloggers looking toward blog as income source.
Earn online money
Earn online money
But friends to earns money from blog is not so easy. First of all Google adsens approved only those blog for adsens which was written the languages the approved. Unfortunately not a single Indian language in that list. So if your blog in English language than only you get approved for Google adsens.  

In only approvle of google adsens is not sufficient. 

Following are most important thing to earn money from your blog- 
1) Your blog contains unique articles, material, etc.

2) Your blog should have good traffic.

3) Your blog should be about computer, software. ( It is the condition of    

    Google adsens. but blog about this subject getter traffic than a blog about

    art. ) 

4) You can't add any copy right material to your blog.

Blog content/ Online money
Blog content/ Online money
So if your are blogger from any Indian language other than English. Than remember you can't earn form your blog. 

Still there are some ways to make money from your blog. We will talk about them in next part. but You that money will not be sufficient for your day to day need.      

So Blog for your enjoyment and not for income. 

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