Friday, 11 April 2014

Story For Kid : A absent minded traveler

A old person traveling by a train. He was well dressed and educated. He had some luggage with him. He went on his booked seat. The journey was of long route so he wish to sleep on his barth. 

The ticket checker came to examine the tickets of the passengers. When he saw the old gentlemen was asleep, he touched him on the shoulder and woke him up. Then he asked him politely for the ticket for his journey. The old gentlemen fumbled for the ticket in all his pockets but failed to find it. 

" Excuse me , Inspector," said old gentlemen , " I am sure I purchased my ticket before i got the train.Please wait I will look for it in my luggage or in suitcase. " The old gentlemen looked through his luggage and suitcase carefully, but couldn't find his ticket. So he looked very worried. 

" Don't worry, Sir. Good people like you don't try to cheat the railway company by traveling without ticket. 

" You were correct but that were not the problem for me inspector. You don't understand my difficulty. "  Said the old gentlemen. 

" than what is the problem sir. Why your are eager to search your ticket." said the ticket Inspector. 

" Gentlemen, if I don't find my ticket how will i know at which station i have to get off the train."   


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