Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Story For Kid's : Professor and Boatman

There was the group of a professor. They lived in a city. Once they went to village to Inspect the school in village and to report there progress to Education minister. With this responsibility on shoulder they march towards village.They all were very proud of their knowledge. 

They get out of the bus. They went on inspecting school one by one. Unfinished road, Sun on head made their work harder. After inspecting one school they went on the way of another school. But there is river on their way. River was with full of water. So they hired a boat. The boatman was a illiterate villager.

As the boat started sailing one professor asked to the boatman, " Do you know any thing about Kalidas, the world-famous Sanskrit poet ? " 

" No Sir. " The poor boatman said.  

The professor laughed at his ignorance and remarked, " You have wasted your life." 

The another professor who was master in science asked to boatman, " Do you know how our boat float on water ? " 

" No Sir. I don't know this. I just know how to sail boat. " The poor boatman said.

This second professor again laughed at his ignorance and remarked, " You are boatman you must know at least this principle. You have wasted your life."  

Till this time boat was in the middle of the stream. There was a sudden storm. This storm gives rise to the waves. This waves are of so high. Waves touching the sky frightened the group of professor. They looked to the face of boatman. His face was so cool.  

The boatman looked to the professor. He found that they are frightened. He asked them, " Do all you know to swim ? " 

All together said with fear, " No !!! We don't.know how to swim." 

" Learned Sir, you have not only wasted your life but you are going to loosing it." The boatman remarked and jumped in the flow.  


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