Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Story For Kids : Speechless Mimic

Joseph was a rich man. He had a lot of property. He had no need too earn further. So naturally he had no work to do. He always think how to spent time. Some one advices him to went for cinema. After this advices every day he went for cinema. He He saw a great number of films.

When he return from film he looks to make voice as he hero from that film. After a great hard work he amused himself by imitating the voices of well known actors. He soon become highly skilled in mimicry and was eager to show off his skill to his friends and their family members. But how to gather all together is the question. So he deiced to give a grand dinner.

After a decision he looked for the public holiday. On one public holiday he arranged a dinner and invite all his friend. On that great evening all his friend reached to his home with there family. He was eager to show off his skill. So he announced in a voice of one well known film actor and everybody surprised after looking his skill. All forced him to make the voice of another actor. He mimicked one actor after another and his friend were really amused for some time. They clapped loudly. This encouraged him to go on. He continued for a long time. 

Finally all his guests got tired of listening. They wished him to stop. But who can dare as he called for a dinner. After a long time Joseph asked," Do you want another imitation ? " 

One of his guests was really an intelligent man. He quickly thought of a way to silence. He clicked the idea how to shut off this boastful rich fellow. So he went forward and said , " Yes Joseph. We really enjoying. Please imitate a dumb man." 

And Joseph remain dumb.          


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