Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Story For Kid's : Honesty of Rama

Rama lost his parents when he was very young. So he was leaving with his grandmother. His grandmother have no source of earning. She just few money by working at someones home. But she was not getting work every day. So what the money she get found short for bread and butter of both. In short his grandmother was very poor and and so Rama was looking for some work to shear hands of his grandmother. 

After long search and stepping to many door he get a job at jewellery's shop. His salary was very less. But still Rama was very happy that he was earning something and shear burden of his grandmother. Rama work hard and systematically. Looking to the way to work the owner of shop was very happy. 

Still he wanted to find out Rama's Honesty. So one day he purposely dropped a bundle of ten thousand rupees in the shop in such a manner that only Rama would found it.

When Rama did see the bundle of rupees lying on the floor, he picked it up. That amount is very huge for him. It was ten time than his salary. He can think to left job with that amount and look for the another job. But he was not tempted to keep it. He think that it was not his money. So he went to his shop owner and telling the story returned that  money. 

The shop owner was convinced that Rama was really honest. He needed such honest to look over his expanding businesses. He confirm him to the higher and responsible post. The shop owner was so impressed with Ramas hard work and, devotion and honesty. At last he made him partner in his business. 


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