Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Story for Kids : Magic Stick

Amirchand was a rich person in the village. He lived in a palace like house. He had many servants to attend on him. He was rich and have all comforts and luxuries. He lived a happy life. 

He had a of purse fifty gold coins. Most of the time while sleeping he kept his purse near his bead. One day

when he awake from sleep he found that  his purse was not on place. He become restless. He suspected that one of servant might haven stolen it. He clled all of them and asked about the purse of gold coin. But everybody kept hand on ear. 

In the night he went to sleep. But remain sleepless. He went on on thinking how to catch the thief ? After thinking a lot he struck upon an idea. 

Next morning he called all his servant in front of him and said, "  I have confident that one among you stolen my purse. But he is laying. So i bring some magic stick. I am going to give one to each. Stick with the thief grow in the night. So all you must gathered together in front of me with the stick. "   

Net morning al servants got out of the room without having a word with each other. They all gathered in a hall in front of Amirchand. He collected all the sticks and observed. He found that the stick with his servant Lala short by others. 

" You the thief Lala. Get out of my house. " Amirchand roared. 

But remaining servant have question on their face that stick with Lala but stick with others grown up. Than why Amirchand called Lala a thief ? 

Looking to question their face Amirchand explained ," Actually stick are normal. no one stick would grow. But I have confident who were the thief must break his stick a little. And Lala did it." 

He prizes the faith of other.                                 

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