Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Story for Kids : Three Thieves

One night three thieves entered into a rich man's house. They having robbed him of his all gold and silver. After the clean robbery they ran away to a forest far away from the home. Due to the long run they under goes too much excretion. Their empty stomach needs food but
they don't have nothing with them. And as it was a late night and food market is far away they take a sleep with empty stomach.

They wake up early in the morning. First of all they divide the property of robbery equally among them. Then again their hunger come up. So divided to send the one of them to the village to bring some food.

One of them went to village. But the two remaining maddened by greed and made a plan to shoot the third as he returns with food. Than divide the whole property among two. 

But similar devilish idea also struck to the third who went to market for food. He desired to get all property by killing other two. On his way back he mixed some poison in the food he bring with him.

As soon as the third one returns from the village with food his friend s fell upon him and killed within a tick. After performing this brave deed , they began to eat the food. But alas ! as their died friend all ready mixed poison in it. Both of them fell down dead. 

Lesson : As you sow , so you reap.    

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