Friday, 11 April 2014

Story for Kid's : The Milkmaid and her Day-Dream

It is the story of the time of Lord Krishna. There was many milkmaids in the Mathura. The name of the one milkmaid is Tara. She was poor but willing to be a rich. She always dreaming lot. She was very hardworking. She woke up in the morning. She went to the market with a pail of milk on her head and sold it there.  

One morning as usual she was on the way of market. She was carrying her pail of milk on her head. As she walked alone, she started day dreaming," I will sell this milk at the highest rate. I shall do this every day. It will give me more money." 

She dreamed further that , " From saving I will buy several buffaloes. I shall sell much more milk. This will give me more money."

Nobody with her on the way to disturb her. She was enjoying her dream. Continued further, " When i got lot of money from selling the milk of buffaloes I will buy fields. I will open a shop. I shall have many servant to work for me. I shall stop working because i have servant to work for me. I shall pass my days like a rich lady. " 

Her dream went to the peak-point. She forget everything around her. On the next step of her dream she think that, " Looking my property   one day young men will come and ask my hand in marriage. There will be many offers for me. But I will shake my head and proudly say ' No.'" 
At this thought, she  really shook her head vigorously. As she was dreaming she forget that she had pail of milk on her head. With the strong jerk due to the head shake the pail fell down and broke into pieces. All the milk ran out on the road. The poor milkmaid was very sad and turned her steps towards the home with empty hand.


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