Friday, 7 March 2014

Story for Kids : Dayaram and Gold coin

One morning the news spread in the Banaras that a plate of gold was there in the temple. There are words on it, ' A gift of God to one who loves others. '

Each and every person in the city ran to the temple with thought in mind that they loved other more. Everyone just want to win that plate of gold.

Outside the temple, beggars were dying of hunger. But without caring for them the people entered into the temple and touched the plate of gold to win it. But alas, " as soon as they touched it. it was turned into a plate of lead. Peoples were surprised and disappointed. 

Dayaram a poor farmer came to the temple after all. He gives smile to the beggar with mercy. He touched them with pity. From his home he brings some roties ( bread ) with him. He gave that roties ( bread ) to the beggars. He had some coin with him. He gave that coin to beggars. And with the empty hand and pocket he entered to the temple.

The priest of the temple asked to the farmer to touch that plate of god which was turn to lead just before. Farmar did so, and ah! the plate  began to shine more brightly in the Dayaram's hands. Thus Dayaram put the example of love for all in front of the people and won the gold coin.

Lesson : Taking care of others is the real love. 


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