Saturday, 15 March 2014

Story for kids : A Honest boy.

It was evening. A poor but honest boy had need of two rupees for his school examination fees. With thought in mind he was walking through a market in search of
some work. 
A gentleman who was in need of coolie called the poor boy and said him," Well boy, will you carry my bag to my house ? If you i will pay you a rupee for this work."

" With all from my heart Sir, " boy replied. Accordingly boy took bag in his hand followed the gentleman. On reaching the house in hurry the gentleman put a note in the boys hand. Without looking to note boy immediately put it into his pocket. Thanking the gentleman boy went away gladly. But when reached to his home , he found that gentleman paid a rupee more. Therefore the boy ran to the gentleman's house. and said to him ," Sir, you paid me more. Here is your two rupees note. please give me a rupee only." 

" Well done my boy. I am highly pleased with your honesty. Keep a two rupees note with you. One rupee for your work and one rupee as reword for your honesty." Said the gentleman. 

" God bless you Sir for your kindness. But in real i have a need of two rupees. But a am not  a thief and i don't like to spread hand as like Beggar. So i came back to return your one rupee." The poor boy said proudly. 

" I got your honesty my boy. So allow you to come to my door when are you in need." The gentleman said.

" Yes. I will came sir. But you pay me only than when you ask me to some work." 

" Yes my boy." 

" Once again, Thanks Sir. " boy exclaimed and went away more gladly than before.               

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