Monday, 17 March 2014

Story for kids ; Silver Key

It was stormy night. A traveler, shivering with cold reached a public inn, hopping to rest and comfort himself for the night. But to his disappointment he found that the door was locked. upon this , the traveler began to all aloud, " open, open the door, for God's sake, let me
in. I am dying with cold." said he to the inn keeper. 

But the dishonest in keeper. however calmly said' " Sorry Sir, i have lost my key. Have you a silver key with you ? "       

The traveler knew what he wanted and pushed a rupees inside. Immediately the inn keeper opened the door and allowed the traveler to get in. 

The traveler however more than a match for inn keeper. He decided to teach a lesson to inn keeper. As he get in it was his turn to punch back. Just after a few minutes he turned to the in keeper and said him , " Will you please bring bring my trunk laying outside. " 

The inn-keeper however of the traveler's intention complied with his request and went out of the room to bring the trunk of the traveler inside. No sooner did inn keeper go out than the traveler locked the door from inside. The inn-keeper was puzzled. He knocked the door angreily said to traveler, " What is this ? Open the door at once, I am dying with cold here." 

" Sorry please," said the traveler with clam. He continued further, " I have lost the key. will you give me back my silver key." 

The inn-keeper was thus nonplussed and was caught in his own trap.

Lesson : You should not trap needy, one day we will be diffidently in that trap.  


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